Peek-a-Boo {The rest of March 2013}

This past weekend was one of thoooooose weekends…The week before was crazy town in terms of deadlines, and despite repeated late night efforts, many projects got pushed back and ended up on Saturday’s “Things To Do” list. With the first day of the weekend a total wash, I gave myself Sunday off to enjoy the GORGEOUS warm weather at the lake with John and a cookout at my parent’s house in the evening. Long story short (or long?) I didn’t have much time for blog projects, so I thought this morning would be the perfect time to share a little “Peek-a-Boo” into my life lately in Instagrams.

Mar 2013

1…My talented woodworking father built us this gorgeous custom oak counter top for our kitchen island. It has pushed past pretty much ALL of our other furniture to win the coveted title of “things I’d grab in the event of an evacuation” (after my hubby and pets, of course). I don’t think we’ve had a single guest come through the house who hasn’t made a point to mention how much they love it, while running a hand across its glossy surface. Nice job, dad!!

2…My friend Ashley’s bridal shower last month was such a treat! I wish I had more photos from the beautifully executed lady’s get together, but the one thing I DID manage to document was probably my favorite part anyway – the floral arrangements, which were hand crafted by Ashley’s mom. While we might not all have her gifted touch with blooms, we can at least attempt to recreate this look with store-bought flowers and vintage tea cups.

3…I made a pie!!! My friend Jessalyn, of It Started With Yum, taught me pie making basics in our latest blogging exchange and I managed to recreate her steps by myself at home. The flavors of fresh strawberries, brown sugar, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar (seriously!) were so tasty, I even had a slice for breakfast.

4…It seems that March wasn’t quite done with the snow yet after all. We (and the cats) were surprised to wake up to a freak snow storm at the end of the month – Surprised and excited. There’s just something so wonderful about snow, no matter HOW old you are.

5…John and I have a weekend tradition of making homemade pizzas for dinner. One particular week in March left us with an odd assortment of toppings – pancetta, sliced ham and shaved parmesan for paninis – which made for one a-m-a-z-i-n-g pizza. We mixed it all together, tossed it onto naan bread and, after that first bite, made sure to document the dish for future evenings.

So what have you been up to?

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