The Options: Ornate or Simple

Ornate or Simple

Option 1: Repinly | Option 2: A Cup of Joe

Art is a pretty universal home accessory. You’d be hard pressed to find a space without some kind of framed art – I’m even FAIRLY confident in going on the record to say that most, if not all, of you have art in your homes. But it’s not just about the art, is it? The frames that we choose say a lot about our tastes and preferences. I’m curious to hear which side you lean towards…

Option 1: Ornate frames are typically classified as traditional and, when filled with picturesque landscapes or painterly portraits, they’ll read as such. But one of my own personal favorite looks for an ornate frame is when it’s filled with modern art. There’s something really organic and interesting about a piece of pop art surrounded by a thick, gaudy gold frame. These two Chicago bloggers are responsible for getting me to jump on that bandwagon.

Option 2: And yet, a simple frame does the same thing for traditional pieces. Sure, it looks fabulous with that big modern graphic heart, but filling a sleek white frame with traditional folk art can instantly modernize the classic look and feel of this kind of period work.

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