Gift Guide: For the Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl 2013

Threshold Brass Rhino | Hello Champ Pullover
Palmarosa Wild Mint Glass Hand Soap | Futura Salt and Pepper Shakers
Grace: A Memoir | Nail Lacquer | Bamboo Makeup Organizer
Gold Hearts Notecard Set | Cat Ring | Live Colorfully Throw Pillow

Okay – So sure, it might seem a little coincidental that I would post a big birthday gift guide on…What’s today again? Oh, yeah! It’s MY birthday!! But if I was trying to send my family a not-so-subtle hint, I would have posted this ages ago, right? At least that’s my cop out… (I hope you can read into my silly sarcasm here!!)

The real reason I wanted to post a birthday gift guide today is to break the “Christmas only” rule when it comes to these dreamy mash ups. Christmas is definitely not the only time when we could use a little gift giving inspiration, so I’m going to make it a point to post linkable goodies throughout the year. I’m thinking a hostess gift guide, teacher gift guide, mailman gift guide. Now I know I’m certainly not the only one to have this wild idea, so if you know of any other great non-Christmas gift guides out there, link to them in the comments!

First up for the Dream Green DIY version though – Gifts for the birthday girl. I emphasis “girl” because this guide is DRIPPING in girly, peppy fun. Whether your budget is $10 or $50, I hope you find just the thing to pick up for your girlfriend, daughter, mom, sister, aunt, co-worker or even the gal next door like cosmetics if you visit or any other kind of gift.

Happy shopping – and hellooooo year 27!!


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