All in the details…

lake cottage bedroom


That headboard! Seriously, need I say more? I’ve always loved brass bed frames – The curvy details, the antique cottage feel and that tell tale gold sheen. But this redo of the same look in a shiny red finish is too tempting to ignore.

Let’s talk details…

1…Okay, there’s ONE other thing that made me develop a little crush on this room – The nightstand. You knew I’d be drawn to the mid-century silhouette, but I’m also loving the sky blue paint job! It all comes back to that big debate, huh?

2…The third piece that makes this room a slam dunk for me is the painting above the bed. It’s huge! And that wide expanse of green color really adds a nice layer to the room. Don’t you just love how the whole bedroom looks like it was curated from a thrift store or flea market? We could all easily throw together a similar room with a couple hundred bucks and a Saturday morning bouncing from one second hand store (or booth) to the next. Is that a challenge? Take it as you will.

3…Here’s another great example of mixing patterns successfully. Although I’ve heard so many times that mixing small patterns with other small patterns is a “no no,” this collection of linens kicks that rule to the curb. It’s eclectic, colorful and oh so cozy…

What are your favorite details?

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