Behind the Scenes: My BHG photoshoot

Now, as much as I WANT to, I’m not going to give away all of the details today. My full run down of the day, complete with anecdotes and virtual breathless excitement will all be documented later on, a la this column. But I couldn’t wait to share just a tiny peek into how the day went and just how thankful I am that this moment happened in the first place.

BHG sneak peek

I was surprisingly calm the morning of the photo shoot. It may have helped that I had kicked John out of the house for the day (which he was all too happy to go along with). You know how it can be exceptionally nerve-wracking having your family in the audience? Well that’s how I felt, so it was just me, the dog and the cats roaming around the house that day until the crew arrived.

Speaking of “the crew,” it consisted of a stylist from L.A., Char Hatch Langos, and NY/NJ photographer, John Bessler (plus John’s nephew as assistant). Each was incredibly talented in what they did, both in making the shoot a success, and in helping me to remain cool, calm and collected.

I haven’t said much about WHAT they were actually photographing though, so here’s a rather big hint…


Even though my girlish ankles can be seen perched on that piece of furniture above, the REAL star of the show is our thrifted and refinished dresser. I’m so excited to share this piece with the readers of Better Homes and Gardens, and am so indescribably honored that they chose me and one of my DIYed projects to feature.

This is the stuff of dreams, folks…

More to come soon!!

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