Our family yearbook via Artifact Uprising

Photography is such an incredible thing…And while that minuscule statement hardly gets across just how important photography is in our daily lives, I’m not going to hop up on my soap box with bullet points on how it has changed history. What I AM going to do though is talk about how it has changed and shaped OUR history.

Family Yearbook

It all began with Instagram. Of all forms of social media, Instagram is hands down my favorite. It’s how I stay up to date on my friends, family and favorite bloggers and, more importantly, it’s my little way of documenting the simple things in life. John laughs at me whenever I snap a little square shaped shot of things like my plate of eggs and bacon at brunch downtown, but this is my way of capturing special moments. No matter how mundane they might seem, I’m a visual person. These tiny digital photos catalog our memories, which clearly you guys don’t find too mundane thanks to your sweet “likes” and comments (I absolutely can’t get enough of those, by the way).

But that brings me to my latest product love – Artifact Uprising (and no, I’m not being paid or perked to write this!). I’ve already fallen in love with StickyGrams as a way of getting my favorite Instagrams out of their digital dungeon and out in the open, but I wanted to take things a step further and get an actual album printed – And thanks to a well composed Artifact Uprising review over on decor8, I quickly snapped one up for myself.



Although a bit belated given that it’s now May of 2013, I decided to start a tradition with annual albums – Thus, this first one was aptly dubbed “2012.” In it, I chronicle everything from those everyday-yet-special meals out, photo after photo of our pets, lunch dates with my sister, a favorite record picked up on a spontaneous trip out of town – Anything at all worth remembering from last year, which turned out to be a lot.



By the way, it’s worth noting that the Artifact Uprising site was very easy to use and allowed me to populate all of my favorite Instagrams with ease. In a nut shell, it comes highly recommended by yours truly.

Although you won’t find me flipping through this little album every single day, or even every single week, I know it’s there sitting on the shelf beside our bed ready for me to take down on a whim. And that to me is priceless.



Thank you, Artifact Uprising, for helping me to document my beautiful little life…

How do you chronicle YOUR favorite memories? If you’re on Instagram too, feel free to share your username in the comments section (so that we can stalk you, of course!)

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