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Home Depot Patio


I’ve recently become an avid fan of the Home Depot blog, The Apron – Specifically obsessing over their outdoor Style Challenge series. I think the series has come to a close, but feel free to click that link to see all of the posts in one place. Essentially, the idea is that The Home Depot contacted a number of bloggers throughout the community and asked them to review different collections from their outdoor furniture lines. While I really enjoyed the reviews (and am now hard core coveting new patio furniture), My favorite part was getting to know some new voices in the blogging industry. There is so much talent out there – I wish I had 8 hours in the day JUST to read blogs.

But anyway, let’s talk details about this particular outdoor Style Challenge space

1…As I’ve mentioned before, I have quite a black thumb when it comes to gardening. Flowers almost NEVER take up residence at our house, at least not for long. Plain greenery is far more likely to stick around just because of its hardy nature in general, but there’s nothing very fun about greenery. And yet…One tip I’ve snagged from this space is the idea of color blocked gardening containers. I can have my color AND my live plants too by parking them in pretty neon striped pots like the ones shown here. Adding this to my (growing) list of things to do this season!

2…I recently wrote an article for Central Virginia Home Magazine (for the summer issue, out soon) all about indoor/outdoor fabrics, and ever since finishing up my research I’ve been obsessed with the idea. Modern weather resistant fabrics and rugs have come SUCH a long way, featuring tons of gorgeous, vibrant color and pattern. You can hardly tell the difference between patio pillows and living room pillows anymore – Sort of like these colorful beauties shown under the sunshine. Makes me wish, yet again, that we had a patio to speak of…

3…5 years ago, you would totally think that this punchy pink rug was pulled from the living room just for styling the photograph, only to be pulled to safety as soon as they got the shot – But that’s not the case anymore. This beautiful rug is likely one of the new polypropelene blends. UV resistant, bleach resistant and water resistant, these accessories can survive a hurricane – And look GREAT doing it.

What are your favorite details?

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P.S. In case you missed it, I wanted to shout out to a DIY I published over on the Le Papier Studio blog. It’s a tutorial for watercolored DIY Silhouette Mother’s Day cards – If you’re running low on time and ideas, this could be the perfect solution!


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