The Options: Cats or Dogs

Option 1: Fox on the Run | Option 2: Shelter

I know that I’m opening a can of worms with this one today, but I just can’t help it. I am head over heels (like a triple, 360 roll and a half) in love with our pets and can’t help but bring up their adorable, lovable species. Sure chatting about animals on a home lifestyle blog is stretching it a bit, but our two felines and sleepy hound dog definitely dictate a lot of our decisions when it comes to what we do with the house, so they do in fact deserve a little air time. And really…I’m happy to bring the subject up if only for the sheer fact that those three faces up above make me one giddy girl.

Option 1: Kitties unfortunately tend to have a bad rep. I’ve heard it all – the litter ammonia smell permeating a home, the “Cat Lady” stigma, the claws…Other than being called a cat lady by my friends and family, I’ve yet to deal with this elusive ammonia smell, and my girls are perfect little ladies when it comes to our upholstery. Just like kid proofing a home, you have to cat proof a home with proper scratch posts, WELL KEPT litter boxes and weekly vacuuming. It all comes with the territory, one that I’m more than happy to deal with on a regular basis in order to keep our home a welcoming place for our two cats.

Option 2: When speaking about the K9 variety, I feel a little inexperienced. Not because we don’t have a dog – we very much do, all 45 pounds of one – but because our particular guy acts more like a cat everyday. Maybe it’s because he’s the baby of the family, but we are constantly finding him playing with errant cat toys, imitating Ginny the cat’s people watching skills at the front door and practicing his cat-like napping skills all over the house (the couch, the sunny spot in the studio, his crate). Gotta love him, AND his oddly hybrid domestic personality.

So which team are you on? And if you have any tips for incorporating pets into a home or maintaining a well kept dwelling with puppies and kitties in tow, please share them in the comments!

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