Weekly Pinterest Challenge: Washi Wrapped Jar

It has been a while since I posted a “Weekly Pinterest Challenge” – Sorry about that! Things have been a little wild behind the scenes around here and several deadlines, for better or worse, ended up falling on a Monday. Though they were projects worth celebrating, I’m glad to be back into my normal routine.

I’ve actually had this particular project on the docket for ages. When I was forecasting my schedule for June and July back in May, I knew things were going to be hectic, so my goal was to hone in on a SUPER simple project via Pinterest – Something that would take 1 or 2 supplies max and about 10 minutes to throw together. Although I adore the big impact of my more involved undertakings, sometimes the smaller ones have just as much impact, if only because it took such little effort to call them “done.”


Source | Little Helsinki

The moment I saw the pin above I knew that I had found my project. Calling for nothing but a jar and a couple of rolls of patterned washi tape, there was no doubt that this tutorial would take about HALF of my allotted 10 minute procedure time. The only thing I needed was a jar. At first, I had planned to grab a mason jar from my collection, but a closer look at the Pinterest image showed that the jars suggested for use were actually perfectly round and smooth – unlike the squared and embossed lettering on traditional mason jars.

As fate would have it, I managed to find my jar just in the nick of time at a yard sale this past Saturday. My mom’s church held its annual Saturday morning yard sale over the weekend, and I couldn’t help but drop in to see what deals were to be had. There were books, movies, cabinets and frames galore, but I managed to walk out with nothing but this oversized glass jar in my hand – costing me (or really, I should say John) only 25 cents. Thanks, hun!

The final step in this tutorial? Get to taping! I pulled my collection of mismatched washi tape from the shelf and went with my gut on the color scheme, starting out with a multi-colored polka dot pattern. I layered the blue and yellow floral on next, followed by the yellow and white dots and finished up with a pop of bold red in the center. There was no rhyme or reason to my selection – I simply kept layering until it felt complete.

So where did it end up? Well small finished projects like these tend to rotate throughout the house as my whims change, but for now it’s up on the shelf in my studio holding my DIY felt billy balls in check. Will it stay there forever? Probably not. Where will it go next? Maybe on my desk to hold pencils and pens, or near my drafting table to hold paint brushes. It could even end up in the kitchen as dishwasher detergent pod storage, or the bathroom playing host to my cotton ball collection. We shall see.

What are some of your favorite quick and easy projects to tackle this summer? Feel free to share links in the comments section so that we can get inspired too!

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