All in the details…

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Whenever I feel like I’ve officially sided with one style, and one style only, I take a second to look around my house and realize that the only style I can really call “mine” is eclectic. A little bit of this, a little bit of that – it’s pretty much all represented somewhere in our home. From mid-century and contemporary, to country and formal traditionalism, they’ve all staked their claim in one way or the other. The fact that I feel oh-so-comfortable while gazing at today’s eclectic “All in the Details” space has really brought that fact home for me (pun intended).

1…Hardly anything can infuse a room with casual vibes faster than chalkboard paint. It immediately brings to mind quaint school houses of old, and is one of the trendiest (not to mention, cheapest) modern upgrades you can make.

2…Want to make your mod big box store surfaces read warm and rustic? Top them with vintage linens, antique vases and – a no brainer – flowers!

3…My 1950’s-obsessed brain can’t handle how perfect these pink Eames molded plastic chairs are. Paired with West Elm’s ever-popular souk rug, I’m basically in heaven (and sticker shock hell…)

What are your favorite details?

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