Second-Hand Spotlight: Estates & Consignments

It has taken me far too long to get this post together. Two and half years of blogging, and about half of my 500-odd posts are dedicated to this particular shop. See a thrifted piece in our house that you love? Nine times out of ten, it came from Estates & Consignments (that, or its preceding identity as Estate Specialist of which it’s an offshoot). Suffice it to say, my family and I are regulars at this downtown Lynchburg staple, and I knew it was high time that I invite you through the doors to have a look at what it has to offer.

As I said, the space is located in downtown Lynchburg, just around the corner from our bustling city Farmer’s Market. Although it was previously housed around the corner on a quiet side street, it has since reopened under new ownership between its old stomping grounds and busy Main Street (as an aside, the previous location has since been refilled by Estates Revisited, another treasure I’ll profile soon). Personally, I love the new space even better, with it’s expansive warehouse feel and tall tall TALL ceilings complete with old sky lights. The first time I walked through the doors, I was literally awe struck. There. is. so. much. to. see.

As you circle through the cavernous interior, you’ll notice hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of gorgeous little vignettes. Furniture groupings, glassware, pairs of matching (or mismatched) table lamps, brass animals galore and enough conversation-enducing artwork to make your head spin. Whether you’re searching for high end vintage, already-refurbished pieces or stuff that’s just plain decrepit begging for a facelift, you’ll find it here.

I’m totally seeing that funny little armed figure on the right as a handy necklace or bracelet holder.^^^

I’ve mentioned it several times via Instagram, but I am dying (literally dying) over this set of mid-century chairs. Oh, if I had the available budget for these pretties, I’d scoop them up in a second. Locals, if you get any quick ideas before I’m able to save up the loot, I’ll track you down!! They are quite possibly the most comfortable pieces of furniture I’ve ever sat on, but the upholstery admittedly needs a refresh. I’m thinking a nice teal or gray fabric with a darker stain on the woodwork – sort of like this or these.

The other piece I’m hard core coveting at the moment is the lovely mid-century cabinet seen below. I love the lines, particularly the base, but it looks to be missing its original set of doors. I’ve got all kind of ideas for refinishing what’s left of the piece though (minus the creepy clown dolls, of course)…Stay tuned.

My dad’s favorite section is the tools. Packed full of dusty old workshop odds and ends, he could spend hours in there wandering around. All that time is worth it though – he’s collected an amazing shelf full of vintage, hand made tools in his shop, stuff that they just don’t make anymore. I actually found a purchase myself in this section that day, which will be unveiled in full come Friday. Can you guess what it is?

And, oh the wacky finds you’ll uncover. From old juke boxes and brass giraffes, to rotary phones and typewriters. These are the types of finds I live for, and what keeps me coming back for more – and more, and more. I want to saturate our home with unlikely pieces that make guests stop and stare. When people reference the thrill of the hunt while shopping thrift and estate sales, I know exactly what they mean – maybe you do too!

There’s no way that I could ever conveh just how vital Estates & Consignments has been to the development of our home. The second-hand pieces I’ve pulled from the rough can easily take all of the credit for giving our space any kind of warmth and character. If you are ever in the area, I implore you to check it out. Prepare to be infinitely inspired.

Check back Friday for a special Estates & Consignments “Before and After” project! 

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