The Options: Thanksgiving or Christmas

Thanksgiving or Christmas

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Don’t worry – I’m not asking you to choose your favorite holiday in the ultimate, grand sense…While I’m sure we each have our own opinion about which holiday takes the cake (or should I say pie), I’m not brave enough to start THAT debate. No, today I’m just curious about your preference in holiday parties.

Option 1: 

Thanksgiving is quite literally right around the corner, less than a week away, and I know our family is working to get all of the key pieces in place to celebrate. Pies have been ordered, turkeys have been scheduled and I for one can’t wait to indulge in some tasty, cheesy Thanksgiving-themed sides (my personal favorite part of the holiday meal).

Option 2: 

But then there are the Christmas parties…Is there really anything better than glittery, twinkle lights, guests’ arms piled high with bowed and wrapped gifts, Christmas music playing in the background? I think I’m going to have to go with Option 2 in today’s poll…

But what about you? Which holiday party is your most highly anticipated event of the season? Cast your vote!

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