The Options: Pumpkin or Apple (or Pecan?)

Pumpkin, Apple or Pecan

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One of the very best things about Thanksgiving is that it’s not just a one-day type of thing. I’m talking leftovers, of course! John and I have already divvied up the generous amounts of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, etc. that his mom sent us home with into portions for the freezer, and we’re excited to feast throughout the remainder of the year. But the pies? Those are living in the fridge, ready to be gobbled up within the next couple of days. In fact, I may or may not have eaten some for breakfast (definitely did, though). So now, with sweet desserts on the brain, I feel led to break it down into options…


Pumpkin pie is obviously a Thanksgiving, fall time staple. That rich, spicy taste and ultra soft, pillowy texture is just too good to resist. Not to mention, it’s so gosh darn PRETTY to look at!


And yet, apple pie is just as hearty and the epitome of autumn flavor. I do marketing for a local realtor in town a few days a week, and he recently hosted a pie giveaway for his clients and team mates. Of the three options, John and I chose an apple, and I was blown away by the flavors in ours. De-LICIOUS!


I’m throwing in an extra wild card in today’s “Options” post, because we can’t talk pie without mentioning pecan. Although I’m fairly certain that it’s a sin given my residence in the south, I have actually never tried a pecan pie. I think I’ll have to remedy that this season…

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