Holiday Target Style


I know I’m not the only one to be absolutely blown away by Target’s lineup this season, or really this entire year. The big-box brand is taking “on trend” to an entirely new level with pieces that are unique enough to feel almost “boutique.” Case in point, Christmas decor. During our Christmas Kickoff outing, John and I made a quick stop in at the chain store to pick up some last-minute gifts for family, but I ended up with an armload all my own.



I had actually caught sight of the white tabletop Christmas tree on a previous trip with my sister during Thanksgiving week, but somehow convinced myself to walk away. Yet I ended up dreaming about that little tree for days afterwards, and allowed myself the $8 splurge this past Sunday. I also happened to saunter through the dollar section on my way, and found two tubes of glittery, disco-esque ornaments for, you guessed it, just 100 measly pennies each!! Sold.





The little wooden “Ho Ho Ho” plaque also hailed from the dollar section at Target, and the brass reindeer was a lucky vintage find while enjoyed Small Business Saturday downtown with my sister. I am completely infatuated with my little retro-inspired tree and am so glad that I allowed myself the indulgence.

Do you guys ever give yourself a couple of days to consider whether you REALLY want something? I’m finding it to be a really good trick – that is, if I’m willing to risk losing it to a more spontaneous shopper…

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