The Options: Shelves or Cabinets

Shelves or Cabinets

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Although we’ve very recently had moving on the brain, putting a hold on our bigger cosmetic home projects, I still have this insatiable urge to really mix things up in the kitchen – specifically on the storage side of things. Cabinets or no cabinets (i.e. open shelving)? I’m curious how you feel about the subject…


We’ve already upgraded our existing kitchen cabinets with a much-needed coat of paint (as seen in our home tour), but I feel like we could be doing something more. Namely, by switching out a few of the cabinets for light and airy open shelving.


But if you happen to have a gorgeous room filled with naturally stained, original wooden cabinets, I can certainly see the draw to let those beauties steal the show. Are we able to agree that it depends on the look of each particular space? Weigh in below with your vote.

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