The Options: Sprayer or Roller

Sprayer or Roller

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Truth be told, I’m feeling a little burnt out on painting. I haven’t painted a room in what feels like ages, and I’m pretty content with that. Although a very affordable and straightforward process, I just get so sick of breaking out all of the supplies and doing it. Speaking of supplies, when the inevitable moment comes where I need to get down to business with a can of paint and a dull room, I’ve been considering an upgrade…


I’ve never wielded a paint sprayer before but, after witnessing some fellow home bloggers use it with success (a SPEEDY success, at that), I can’t help but wonder about the magical tool. My only fear is the clean up. For those of you who have tried it, is it as bad as I imagine trying to get the paint out of all those parts?


Rollers will always be a staple in our house. They’re as iconic to painting as you can get, and definitely get the job done – imagine what it would be like to paint an entire room with a brush!! No, thank you…

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