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Well folks. My dresser project will have to wait until next week for its unveiling. You may have seen already, but kitty and I were back to the vet (my 3rd time this month) to try to kick a sinus thing she’s dealing with. Not to go into too much detail, but the vet is thinking that she might have nasal scarring from recurring illnesses as a kitten, so we will likely have a cat that sounds like a pug. Forever. John’s all too pleased about this development.

So with that major distraction behind the scenes, I’m going to leave you with some simple coral and cherry wood inspiration. I hate to pigeon hole it as purely Valentine’s Day magic, so I’m going to let you take it as you will – V-day, spring? It’s all so, so good.

::sigh:: Is it Friday yet? And while we’re doing some wishful thinking…is it summertime yet??

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