Easy as D-I-Y: Wire Heart Ring


Happy Valentine’s Day! While I wholeheartedly support the idea of celebrating this lovey dovey holiday with your other half (may that be your spouse, best gal pal, sister or your dog), I’ve always felt like V-Day was a great excuse to love on yourself a little, too. This year, I decided to create a little something special that I could keep with me always—something to center my mind on that little emotion that we call love.


The idea? Create a completely custom wire ring shaped into—you guessed it!—a heart. This project actually went even better then I had hoped. While on a particularly spontaneous trip to the craft store to stock up on supplies for the rest of the current season, I happened to come across floral wire in my favorite shade of gold (as seen to the left of that photo just above). Priced at less than $5.00 and surprisingly pliable considering its thickness, I plopped it into my cart with today’s project in mind.



I started by using wire cutters to cut off a 4-inch piece of wire, then I grabbed a tapered candle to use as my form. I wanted something circular to wrap the wire around to get that crisp shape. I found that, if I wrapped it and then tried it on and it was a bit too large, I could loop it back over the top of the candle and bend it a little more to get it juuuuuuust right. Then, with the two ends overlapped and sticking into the air, I used needle nose pliers to twist them into the final shape of my heart.




I ended up giving the extra to my little sister (aren’t her hands lovely?!), and they’ve been really fun to wear leading up to today’s heart-filled holiday.

Wishing you and yours a very special Valentine’s Day FULL of hearts and chocolate, galore!

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