Sweet Southern Sun // Our Beach Vacay Recap {Pt. 1}


If you have been a follower for any number of years (or if you are a friend or family member) than you’re no stranger to the topic of Hilton Head. My parents ended up on this little island in South Carolina on their honeymoon and loved it so much that we have been going back as a family ever since—this year, of course, was no different. Scroll on for just a few of my favorite 2D moments from the trip.



Although I gave you a full tour of our house last year, I couldn’t help but snap a few extra shots with my new lens. Whether we were outside enjoying the pool or indoors spending many a lazy hour on the couch, we were (yet again) so pleased with our choice of rental—shout out to Destination Vacation



^^ Since we ended up spending Mother’s Day beach-side, fresh peonies were in order for Mom! Oh, and when in doubt of your rental’s vase collection, use a white pitcher instead…




^^ It’s tradition for my sister to tackle a massive puzzle project when in HHI, and this year called for a big 1,000-piecer. These photos were snapped as she literally perched above the final section. 







^^ As is to be expected when in low country, the vegetation was just wild. Tons of hanging moss, succulents everywhere and even perfectly shaped flowering seeds found on car doors. Our rented back yard was quite the tropical oasis.



^^ Speaking of “tropical,” the animal life also was booming. The lagoon just steps from our back door was teaming with creatures, including our resident alligator seen lurking in the middle of the photo above.


^^ John thoroughly enjoyed being able to cast his line out in the lagoon until dark, catching (and releasing) a couple of these long, skinny fellows. Please note also the proud display of his favorite hobby mascot on those bright blue swimming trunks.


^^ I had intended to pack all of my favorite photos from this trip into one blog post, but it seems that the cup runneth over! Check back tomorrow for “Part 2” of this photographic journey down (short-term) memory lane, including a full recap of our time in Harbor Town…

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