Easy Everyday Sunscreen Styling


The importance of proper skin care, specifically when it comes to sun protection, is something we’re all aware of. Yet, up until now, I had always taken my relative youth for granted, often thinking to myself, “Well I don’t need to worry about that right now.” But this season I’ve read one too many articles touting the (lifesaving!) importance of putting on sunscreen, whether you’re on the beach or just running to the grocery store.


The only problem is that, for me to add a new step to my morning routine, it has to look pretty and be super convenient. Otherwise, it just won’t make the cut. So, to rectify the situation, I picked up a glass lotion pump (which, happily, was on sale!) and a giant bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen from Target.


I think you can tell what the next step was, but for the sake of clarity I simply unscrewed the pump, emptied the sunscreen into the glass bottle and put the pump back into place—simple as that! Now I keep the bottle of sunscreen within easy reach on my bathroom counter and I hardly have to think about rubbing it on post-shower.


What are YOUR tips for staying safe this sunny season (and beyond!)? Oh, and in case you were wondering, nothing about this post was sponsored. I just love finding a way to prettify responsible routines!

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