Farrow & Ball Announces Key Colors for 2015

Trends - Light Blue

If you’re anything like me, the idea of walking out into the wintry wilderness is your last idea of fun. I’m beyond (beyond!) grateful this year to be working from home since it means having to scrape frost off my car a little less often and having to don heavy winter layers only when absolutely necessary. But there’s a trade off to this newfound homebody syndrome—having to look at the same wall colors every single day. Well, Farrow & Ball’s latest picks for 2015 color trends have me considering a change or two. Or four!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this post isn’t paid or perked in any way—just call me a willing loyalist.

Trends - Tanners Brown3

Whether you’re a Light Blue or Tanner’s Brown type of gal (or guy!), or even if you’re drawn towards something more like Breakfast Room Green or Pink Ground, I couldn’t think of a better starting place for our own room revamp. Each color feels as though it was pulled straight from the earth, and naturally embodies this feeling of escapism despite the fact that—really—all four could be considered almost neutral in nature.

Trends - Breakfast Room Green A

Are you considering a color change this new year? Place your votes now because I’m already itching to test one out as soon as we put the champagne and sparklers away. SPOILER ALERT: I’m head over heels for this one. Which would you choose?

(Get more details on the Farrow & Ball 2015 color trends right here)

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