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I’ve noticed a trend in social media preferences lately. When asked what their favorite platform is, it seems as though 95% of people respond with a resounding “Instagram!” and I have no trouble joining in on the celebration. As a wannabe photog, it’s great practice putting together little stylized slices of life, but it’s really all about the simple act of capturing life that makes it such a thrill. Enter: Print Studio.



Full disclosure: This is actually one of the few brand partnerships that I went out on a limb for and pitched myself (for $0 in compensation, no less). It all started when I found out there was such a thing as a Memory Box. After that happened, I frankly couldn’t shoot the team an email fast enough. Happily, they were equally eager to collaborate and my dream of a year in photos became a reality.




Yup. That’s right. A year’s worth of my favorite hand-picked Instagrams brought to life in a 365-page booklet. Although I debated leaving them all in book form, I ultimately couldn’t resist the urge to tear the pages from their binding in order to come up with a literal pile of memories (don’t worry, this is kosher and par for the course with this product—think of it like an extra thick notepad with detachable pages). The colors! The textures! The portraits, the places, the food! Although it all probably looks like a bunch of mumble jumble to you, each of those squares is a moment that means quite a bit to me.


But I couldn’t just stop there. Ohhhhhh no. To really set the stage, I pulled my very favorite images into a pile that will, over the course of this new year, be set out in a place of prominence. The foundation? My new set of handmade wooden photo holders care of Rachel at The Crafted Life. Don’t the pint-sized prints look oh-so-chic nestled in their geometric stands? I already can’t wait to put together next year’s Memory Box—Happy New Year’s Eve!


P.S. I’ve had a couple of questions pop up regarding the new site design that I wanted to quickly address just in case the problem is wide-spread. If you, too, are finding it a bit of a nuisance to click to read a single post and then have to click back to the homepage and scroll down to find the next post in the sequence, there’s an easy shortcut. Just click on the link to the next post in line, which can be found at the bottom of each post to the left. You can see a screenshot with the link circled in purple here in case you’re a visual person. Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you find any other issues with the new design!

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