Take The Tour: Our Living Room


While in the process of ramping up new projects in honor of the new year, I realized that I have been remiss in sharing some actual home slash room updates with you. Now, this wasn’t altogether a totally unconscious decision since I’ve been trying to lay off of major home reno projects in lieu of our eventual move to house #2, but since we have yet to see much interest in our For Sale By Owner listing, I decided to refocus on loving our current space. Thus, as is to be expected, updates now abound these days—especially in the living room—so let’s take the tour.



One of the biggest updates is a new-to-us easy chair. We had been living with the (somewhat iconic) yellow Target chair for the past two years, but I recently decided to purge our Big Box Store pieces and to replace them with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Our mid-century orange chair came from my favorite local shop, Galaxie Modern—as does its leather ottoman—and we couldn’t be more smitten. Sure, it could use a spring adjustment in its seat and potentially new upholstery down the road, but it’s actually far more comfortable than the Target chair and definitely makes a more authentic and mature statement. It’s everyone’s (including the cat’s) new favorite seat in the house.

NOTE: Non-locals can get in on the Galaxie Modern action, too, thanks to the wonderful world of Etsy!



^^^I’m fairly certain that you can instantly up the ante on your bar cart with a bottle or two of these White Whale mixers—am I right?


This vintage (if the 1990’s can be called “vintage”) pull down U.S. map is one of my most exciting Thrift Store Scores to date. Alas, it has been sitting for months in our closet, again, because I was waiting foolishly until we got to hypothetical house #2 before hanging it. One day last month though I decided that it deserved the limelight NOW, and promptly hung it on the wall over our sofa. It’s the most eye-catching (not to mention educational) piece of art we’ve ever embraced and I love, love, love it.




Another practice I’ve decided to pick back up now that we’re choosing to re-embrace our current home is major installing—the kinds of projects that we will likely leave behind if we ever get out of here. So over holiday break, my sister and John and I spent two days installing industrial built-in shelving. While you enjoy this tiny sneak peek of the finished project, rest assured that a full break down on the DIY process is coming soon.


I’ll try to make a point of taking you guys on more room tours as we work on new tweaks here and there throughout the house—here’s looking at you, kitchen and master bedroom. It’s all about the journey, right? Well, I hope you’re enjoying a look into ours!

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