Peek Inside Pastiche At Main


Living in Lynchburg, Virginia has both its perks and its drawbacks. Let’s start with the “Cons” list. First of all, it’s a relatively small city, so we don’t get much cultural action. There aren’t any amphitheaters to draw in any major recording artists, no nationally-recognized, large-scale festivals to speak of (within city limits, of course—you’d have to drive at least 30 minutes out of town for anything like that). Also—and perhaps most importantly to this girl—we don’t have an Anthropologie to speak of and our nearest IKEA is 3.5 hours away.

BUT. But…The perks are certainly numerous. Picture perfect mountains dot every horizon, there’s a rich (albeit smaller-scale) music scene and our downtown area is packed with delicious one-of-a-kind eateries and buildings housing the arts. Which finally brings me to Pastiche At Main.


This happy “hodgepodge of local creatives,” as it’s touted just above the front door in bold white lettering, is just that—a whimsical, well-curated place full of curiosities made (or collected) at the hands of locals. When I went to photograph the space last week, I couldn’t help but get lost in all of the treasures so lovingly arranged on the shelves. From vintage furniture and hand-lettered cards, to chalkboard art and photographs framed in reclaimed wood—whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find that special something here.


^^^this photo care of Adam Mullins Photography^^^


You may be able to get a small sense of the place through these photos (although, if you’re local, I implore you to visit in person if you haven’t already), but Pastiche is something like a mixture of your favorite thrift store and Etsy shop. SO much care and concern goes into the content of the space and the creatives chosen to be housed there. Everything seems to naturally add to the warm ambiance and homey mood of the shop as a whole. For a full list of the creatives who collectively make up Pastiche, visit their website.


^^^I’m kind of desperate to make room in our house for this cabinet, but alas…^^^



I also wanted to quickly mention the Keep Pastiche Alive campaign. As I’m sure you can imagine, keeping a Main Street storefront open in this type of economy isn’t easy. So Haley, the owner, and her team recently put out the call for help. “Pressure” isn’t a word I know or recognize here on the blog, but if you’ve ever felt strongly about shopping local, this campaign just might speak to you.







^^^I hope to see some of you at the Out of Auto workshop taught by Adam Mullins Photography. I’ll be covering the event for the blog, and think you’ll definitely want to check it out if you’ve ever wanted to learn manual photography skills.^^^


Call me cliché, but as I face 2015 with the new mantra that “creativity is a team sport,” I couldn’t possibly think of a more fitting example than Pastiche. It’s most definitely a place, a team and a mission worth celebrating—wouldn’t you agree?



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