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DIY Chalkboard Wood Slice Placecards | Dream Green DIY + Darby Smart

I have long been a fan of Darby Smart, ever since we featured the founder of the brand over on Career Contessa last year. Well, that and it’s a DIY-focused e-commerce company that sends pre-packaged DIY craft supplies and instructions right to your front door—really, my affinity for Darby Smart is a no brainer! So, you can imagine the jubilation that ensued when they offered to turn two of my crafts into official Darby Smart boxes that you can purchase anytime you get the itch to craft!

Dream Green DIY + Darby Smart

(That little diddy above is from my designer page—pinch me! I have a designer page!) First up, we have my DIY Chalkboard Wood Slice Placecards, which originally was a Thanksgiving-themed project, but it can easily work for any casual dinner party. Pair it with a few other thoughtful rustic elements, white dishes and pops of color, and you’ve got one pretty spread on your hands. Guests will love it, and so will you! In the Darby Smart kit, you’ll get the log slices, paint brush, chalkboard paint and chalk marker.

DIY Decorative Quotable Pillowcases | Dream Green DIY + Darby Smart

Next, you can snag a box with everything to create your own DIY Decorative Quotable Pillowcases. Although you can easily follow my gem-tastic lead here, this project is totally customizable. You’ll get the yarn, pillow case and glue to create whatever motif or saying your heart desires. I might pick up a kit for myself so that I can try something new—a simple, “Relax, Don’t Do It” could be just the thing to force a little down time every now and then…

See my designer page here and order your own crafting kits here and here. And as a special treat, use discount code “DIY20” for 20% off the kits, now through 3/25.

Got a favorite DGD project that you’ve been dying to try out? Let me know in the comments and we’ll work on producing a new DGD + DS crafting box!


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