7 Links To Boost Your Maker Motivation

7 Links To Boost Your Maker Motivation | Dream Green DIY

My original post for today got a smidge sidetracked, so instead, I rounded up seven links to my new favorite DIYs from across the web. From pretty gridded pouches, to super tasty cocktails and Instagram art, these projects are sure to have you busy as bees over the weekend ahead. Got a fun link of your own to share? Spill the beans in the comments!

  1. Fuzzy Peach Punch & Summer Berry Lemonade Punch, via Sarah Hearts
  2. How To Turn Your Instagrams Into Wall Art, via The Crafted Life
  3. Alphabet Bead Cake Topper, via Tell Love & Chocolate
  4. DIY Watermelon Bowls, via PROPER
  5. DIY Tube Rings, via Fall For DIY
  6. DIY Embroidered Instagrams, via Lovely Indeed
  7. DIY Grid Pouch, via Homey Oh My!

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