Funnel Cake Sprinkles Recipe

Funnel Cake Sprinkles Recipe | Dream Green DIY

Are you a summer carnival season fanatic, too? Then today’s recipe will probably be right up your alley. You see, the funnel cake stand is usually my very first stop after walking through the main event gates. I just can’t resist that soft doughy texture and sugary flavor—it’s the perfect blend of savory and sweet, and so I decided to try making my own mini version at home to top our nightly bowls of ice cream.

The good news is that the idea worked, but the even better news is that what initially was supposed to be mini funnel cakes turned out to be funnel cake sprinkles instead thanks to a happy accident in the stove top frying process! Hop over to The Crafted Life where you’ll find the full recipe breakdown.
Funnel Cake Sprinkles Recipe | Dream Green DIY

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