Craft Your Own DIY Paper Flowers

How To Craft Your Own DIY Paper Flowers | Dream Green DIY

I’ve never been all that great at keeping flowers alive. In fact, I’m downright bad at it. John is pretty adamant that I stay clear of the nursery department at our local Home Depot because everything that I bring home ends up shriveled and brown within a couple of weeks. I personally think I’m cursed (because obviously it can’t be me), so instead, I’ve learned to embrace the faux varieties of flora and fauna in our household.

Lately, I’ve been particularly infatuated with DIY paper flowers, and so earlier this month I tried my hand at putting together a tiny bouquet of tissue paper blooms for my nightstand. If you, too, are suffering from a cursed green thumb, check out the step-by-step breakdown over on eHow. And since I haven’t mentioned it lately, THANK YOU for taking the time to hop over to eHow to check out this extension of my brand and projects. You guys knock my socks off.

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