15 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Snow Day

How To Make The Most Of A Snow Day | Dream Green DIY

I don’t know about you guys, but we are still wrestling with quite a bit of snow leftover from last weekend’s storm. It’s certainly old news by now, but we here on the east coast got hammered with the stuff, and John and I have an informal bet going as to just how long this snow will linger (my guess is we’ll still see traces of it mid-February). Click here to see a quick Snapchat video I saved to my phone on Friday, and here for one from Saturday, both showing #Jonas hitting our little neighborhood with all he had.

Happily, despite the fact that John and I were literally stuck inside for three solid days, we managed to survive our cabin fever—and we’re still married. Since I know this isn’t likely to be the last of 2016’s snow showers, I wanted to share a handful of ideas below for making the most of your next snow day.

How To Make The Most Of A Snow Day

  1. Go through your closet and pull out a pile of items and clothing to donate (bonus points for braving the storm to run outside and put it in your car before you have time to change your mind!)
  2. Hang the art that’s been hiding under your bed or leaning against the wall for the past six months
  3. Do a puzzle
  4. Binge watch a Netflix series you’ve been dying to try (my recommendations: The West Wing, Frasier, Salvage Dawgs)
  5. Rearrange the living room
  6. Play a card game
  7. Wash the dog
  8. Write those “Thank You” notes you’ve been meaning to send for ages
  9. Reorganize your kitchen cabinets
  10. Wash your sheets
  11. Write a letter to your best friend and stick it in the mailbox
  12. Go through that new cookbook you got for Christmas and dog-ear the recipes you want to try this season
  13. Color (some fun free printable sheets here, here, and here)
  14. Order something frivolous online just for fun
  15. Book a trip somewhere warm for later in the year

Do you have any ideas of your own? Any stand-by activities that you always save for your snow days stuck inside? Do tell!

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