20 Pieces That Add Style To A Boring Bathroom

20 Ways To Add Style To A Boring Bathroom | dreamgreendiy.com

1. Face Moisturizer | 2. Bath Mat | 3. Sconce  | 4. Metallic Candle | 5. Zipper Case
6. Coral Jewelry Tree | 7. “Going For A Swim” print | 8. Hand Wash | 9. Marble Canister
10. Round Mirror | 11. Gold Wastecan | 12. Glass Oil Can | 13. Olive Ottoman
14. ‘You Look Good’ Bath Mat | 15. Brass Toilet Paper Tower | 16. Bath Towel
17. Body Cream | 18. Soap Dish | 19. Vanity Tray | 20. Whale Nail Brush

Ever since moving into our 1960s home, I’ve had to think really strategically about our project to-do list. The big ticket items immediately following our move into the house were new countertops for the kitchen, having nearly the entire main floor repainted, a new gas line and gas fireplace, plus a chimney sweep and upgraded 200 amp electrical box. PHEW! All of these major projects had been accounted and budgeted for long before our move-in date, but they still put a sizable dent in the available funds for other “dream list” projects. On the other hand, there’s this new high-tech innovative toilets in the market. Japanese toilets are an outstanding example of creativity that has gone on ‘behind the scenes’ and the western world is beginning to sit down and take notice. Can you afford it? How much do Japanese toilets cost?

Case in point, the bathroom. I’ve shown you the bathroom before, but I always cringe a tiny bit inside whenever I do. Even though we’ve spent lots of time (and pocket change) ripping out the old wallpaper, repainting the room white, and brightening the once-dingy tile grout, the space still has a monumental way to go. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed that those three to-do list items didn’t totally transform the room as I had planned. Alas, we just can’t afford to replace the countertop and vanity or redo the tile.

While we save our pennies for bigger projects a little ways down the road, I’ve decided to instead rely on cute accessories and accents to breathe personality into our retro bathroom. The changes won’t be major and they won’t happen overnight, but I think my mind could be tricked into looking past the dated sink simply by adding something like a pretty brass vanity tray or piece of summertime art.

Whether you’re renting and are contractually denied the opportunity to renovate, or you’re stuck in “save, save, save!” mode like me, these 20 pieces will add serious style to your bathroom!

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