Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist For Glitter Guide

Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist | dreamgreendiy + @glitterguide

Truth be told, John and I are still flabbergasted by the amount of stuff the previous owners of our A-frame ranch left behind pre-sale last October. We actually just finished dragging our second pile of leftover trash out to the curb for a special pick up care of the city—we’re talking leftover wood, old gas canisters, tools, gardening pots, sheets of glass, etc. Now, I hate to seem ungrateful, because I’m pretty sure that there’s no one I owe more than the incredibly thoughtful and conscientious couple who built and loved this home for over half a century, but MAN! I just didn’t know that sellers were even allowed to leave so much junk behind…

All this to say that spring cleaning has been something on John’s and my to-do list for oh…six months now. It’s nothing new to us as we work hard to put our mark on this new-to-us 1960s house. But in case it has been a while since you showed your own home a bit of love, feel free to grab the Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist that I designed for our team over at Glitter Guide. The single-sheet page is designed to streamline the process so that you can get through it all quickly in just one day. Workout clothes, Pandora, checklist—done!

Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist | dreamgreendiy + @glitterguide

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