DIY Faux Wood And Marble Trinket Box

DIY Faux Wood And Marble Trinket Box | + @ehow


Just like the next girl (or guy!), I’m head over heels in love with marble. Whether it’s a wine-cooler-turned-utensil-crock in the kitchen, a toiletries tray in my favorite hotel bathroom, or a clock in someone’s office, marble has officially stolen my soul. So when I caught sight of these beautiful wood and marble boxes on Pinterest hailing from West Elm, you better believe that my clicking finger was aimed right at the “Add To Cart” button. Sadly, after hopping over from Pinterest to the shopping page, it turned out that the boxes were no long available. Of course, the problem was nothing that a little DIY action couldn’t fix!

Enter: my DIY Faux Wood and Marble Trinket Box made in collaboration with eHow. This project took just 30 minutes to craft, and cost a fraction of what the Big Box store was asking in return for the goods. Sure, you’ll be able to tell that it’s not quite solid stone when you pick my DIY version up, but even when you’re peering at it from eye-level, the sleek lines and nature-inspired finishes are easily mistaken for the real deal. Try the look for yourself by clicking through and getting all of the craftable details on eHow now.

DIY Faux Wood And Marble Trinket Box | + @ehow


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