20 Faux Plants Worthy Of A Double Take

20 Faux Plants Worthy Of A Double Take

Did you know that indoor potted plants can actually produce bugs if they don’t have proper drainage?! I had no idea, but recently started to notice tiny little flies circling regularly throughout the house. Now, I assure you, John and I are not dirty homeowners—in fact, we’re pretty obsessive compulsive when it comes to the cleanliness of our spaces—so after doing some digging (pun intended), we discovered that overly moist soil was contributing to our bug problem.

Now that I know, I’m looking to slowly move away from live plants and invest in more of the faux variety, which will ultimately help deter the pests and free up a bit more of my time during the week since I won’t have to spend a solid 15 minutes making the watering rounds each Wednesday. I think there’s at least a small chance that my roundup of 20 double-take-worthy faux plants below might just have you rethinking your belief that silk flowers and trees are tacky! Are you ready to go faux?

  1. Artificial Star Succulent Desk Top Plant in Pot ($31.99)
  2. Olive Tree in Pot ($83.99)
  3. Decorative Cactus Garden with Cement Planter ($78.99)
  4. Potted Succulent Plant ($64.99)
  5. Eucalyptus and Maiden Hair Hanging Basket (Set of 3) ($34.99)
  6. Silk Peony Flower Arrangement ($42.99)
  7. Nearly Natural Golden Dieffenbachia Floor Plant in Planter ($48.99)
  8. Artificial Aloe Succulent Desktop Plant in Planter ($38.99)
  9. 35-inch Tall Snake Plant (Sansevieria) ($114.99)
  10. Artificial Bonsai Tree ($58.99)
  11. Philodendron Floor Plant in Pot ($33.99)
  12. Conservatory Bayleaf Drop-In Tree in Pot ($76.99)
  13. Set of 3 Southwest Collection Agave Silk Plants ($37.49)
  14. Hanging Petunia Plant in Pot ($31.99)
  15. Boston Fern Silk Plant Hanging Basket ($34.49)
  16. Nearly Natural Faux Sansevieria Floor Plant in Pot ($79)
  17. Mixed Silk Peony Arrangement with Glass Vase ($65.49)
  18. Dracaena Plant in Pot ($22.99)
  19. Succulent Garden with Concrete Planter ($60.99)
  20. Arborvitae Faux Floor Plant in Pot ($54.99)


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