20 Woven Wall Hangings To Invest In Now

20 Woven Wall Hangings To Invest In Now | dreamgreendiy.com

So, you’ve got yourself a big empty wall. It’s a complete blank slate, and practically begging for a hint of your design personality. But, what if you’re sick of seeing the same type of framed run-of-the-mill art? Maybe it’s time to invest in the bohemian inspired woven wall hanging trend!

I, myself, have slowly but surely built up a collection of these textural wall accents, and am completely won over by the range of colors and styles available. Whether you buy a mass-produced, more budget-friendly option (guilty!) or you purchase a handcrafted piece woven by a local artisan (also guilty!), these unique, often one-of-a-kind textiles add a lot of interest to any space. Scroll on for 20 buyable options that range in price from $23 to $690! The choice is yours. Which would you invest in?

  1. Laguna Wall Hanging ($75)
  2. Blue Threshold™ Woven Wall Hanging ($28.49)
  3. Threshold™ Copper Woven Wall Hanging ($28.49)
  4. Ojai Wall Hanging ($198)
  5. Ysabel Wall Hanging ($75)
  6. Purple and Natural Handwoven Tapestry ($216.75)
  7. Modern Handwoven Wall Hanging ($59.96)
  8. Woven Wall Décor ($199)
  9. Artisan Woven Folk Art Cotton Wall Hanging ($159.99)
  10. Hand Woven Wall Hanging ($293.38)
  11. Indio Wall Hanging ($75)
  12. Pillowfort™ Woven Wall Décor ($25.19)
  13. Zana Woven Wall Hanging ($364)
  14. Japanese Fiber Art ($98.52)
  15. Georgia Wall Hanging ($193.99)
  16. Hand-Woven Wall Hanging ($102.99)
  17. Threshold™ Cream Woven Wall Hanging ($28.49)
  18. Ellery Wall Tapestry ($162.99)
  19. Gypsy Wall Hanging ($689.99)
  20. Woven Wall Hanging in Grey Gradient ($108.37)


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