DIY Floating Butterfly Burlap Wreath For Spring

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DIY Floating Butterfly Burlap Wreath For Spring | + @orientaltrading

I envy butterflies…They are one of the most quintessential symbols of spring, and that’s one role I wouldn’t mind proudly shouting from the rooftops. As soon as you see their winged silhouettes popping up in the craft and home decor aisles of your favorite stores, you know the season is on its way in. Sure, we’ve got at least a month or two before we start to physically feel the effects of spring’s arrival, but it’ll still be here before we know it.

This April, I’ll be turning 31 years old. It’s honestly a little odd to say that out loud. My 30th birthday was welcomed with excitement and even a little bit of newfound pride. Thirty-one though is an age where I feel like I should officially have my s&!# together. Do I feel like I’m mature enough to handle my thirties? Not one bit (especially since John and I recently remarked how fun it would be to play Hide & Seek sometime). But I’m still excited to embrace my new year and this new season in 2017.

DIY Floating Butterfly Burlap Wreath For Spring | + @orientaltrading

So, you’re probably wondering what all of this has to do with a DIY Butterfly Wreath. Well, in honor of my favorite season and upcoming birthday, I worked with the team over at Oriental Trading to design a spring-themed wreath that’s just teaming with the season’s friendliest mascot: butterflies, of course!

Go ahead and slide your mouse on over to this link right here in order to visit the Oriental Trading blog where I’m sharing the full step-by-step guide for making your own DIY Floating Butterfly Burlap Wreath for Spring. Are you a diehard fan of this upcoming season, too? And are you also officially living out your 30’s? I’d love to know how you guys make the most of every season and each birthday as they come, so leave your stories and bucket list items in the comments below.

DIY Floating Butterfly Burlap Wreath For Spring | + @orientaltrading

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