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Ever since deciding to rededicate my schedule to an extra early start, I’ve noticed that I subsequently tend to hit the sheets at night a lot earlier than I used to. As in, I sometimes get in bed before 9:00 pm! Honestly, I’ve never been a late-to-bed type of person, so admitting to such an early bedtime doesn’t embarrass me one bit.

In the past, I would often stay up just an hour or two extra to watch a movie or an extra episode on Netflix, but I don’t really miss that extra screen time now that I’m trying to get more sleep. God knows I log more than enough screen time during the day on my phone and computer, so the sacrifice isn’t all that hard.

At any rate, I’ve been so appreciative of our luxurious bed and linens these past few weeks as I work on adjusting my body to an earlier sleep schedule. Crawling into cozy linen sheets and surrounding myself with plush down bedding makes the process of physically falling asleep much faster, so I wanted to share a dozen of the pieces that could up the ante in your own bed collection below.

  1. Ascott Sham ($60)
  2. Smotherman King Upholstered Platform Bed ($309.99)
  3. Parocela 2 Drawer Nightstand ($192.99)
  4. Breakfast Pillow ($39.99)
  5. Harlow 20.75″ Table Lamp ($179.99)
  6. ‘Home Collection’ Hypoallergenic Pillow ($32.90)
  7. Down Alternative Comforter ($159)
  8. Brushed Stripe Throw ($59)
  9. Ocala Duvet Cover Set ($61.99)
  10. ‘Home’ Room & Linen Spray ($56)
  11. Greer Accent Pillow ($79.99)
  12. Ascott 200 Thread Count Flat Sheet ($110)

We actually already have and enjoy most of the items on this list, and I’m happy to report that they’re all well worth the investment. Ever since turning 30, I’ve been so focused on only bringing the best of the best into our home, and that includes bedding. Sure, high quality bedding is a bit pricey, but if you properly care for these types of items, they could last a decade or more.

Are you ready to splurge on nice bedding this season? I’ve personally got my eye on that Brushed Stripe Throw. See more items like these in the Dream Green DIY Shop here!

*My promise to you is that the affiliate links featured in this post spotlight items that I use and love myself.
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