DIY Rhinestone Notebook With Built-in Bookmark

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DIY Rhinestone Notebook With Built-in Bookmark | + @orientaltrading

As a certifiably Type A individual, it’s probably not surprising to hear that I am a list-maker. I have lists for appointments, my daily to-do list, ideas for future blog posts, and, of course, the odd grocery store shopping list (or five…someone please tell me we’re not the only household to have multiple running grocery lists lying around).

In general, you’re bound to find notebooks containing these types of running lists in practically every drawer of our house. I’ve even filled my iPhone with digital lists for when I’m truly on the go and can’t be bothered to dig too hard for pen and paper. Anyway, the point is that notebooks are a dime a dozen around these parts, and I would be utterly lost without them. The only problem is that I’m incredibly particular about the look of my notebooks. I want them to stand out, and I want them to feel like “me.” Just any old spiral-bound book won’t do, so I’m always on the hunt for a stylish solution that fits my aesthetic.

Enter: my DIY Rhinestone Notebooks With Built-in Bookmarks for Oriental Trading. This project is stupidly easy to pull off, and the other great thing about it is that the items purchased to create the craft can be used over and over to create a whole arm load of decorated notebooks. Now the only question is…What kind of design would you create on your DIY Rhinestone Notebook?

DIY Rhinestone Notebook With Built-in Bookmark | + @orientaltrading

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