Budget-Friendly Terrazzo Home Accents

Budget-Friendly Terrazzo Home Accents

I should probably start by admitting that, until recently, I had no idea what real terrazzo actually was—or, at least, I had no idea how it was made. I think I saw someone on Instagram share a step-by-step video of the production process during a home renovation, and it really opened my eyes to just how intricate this look is to get.

In case you haven’t seen the process in action, terrazzo is basically made by integrating bits of crushed granite, marble, quartz, glass (or anything similar to those) together with a concrete or epoxy-resin binder. After that, the surface is ground down and polished to a perfect sheen. I looked everywhere for a cool video showing the process, but they’re apparently hard to come by.

Anyway, now that I know what goes into making terrazzo from the ground up (har, har), I appreciate it so much more in home décor. Luckily, the decorative home accents I rounded up below are a lot easier to integrate into your home if you don’t happen to have a big enough budget for all new handmade terrazzo floors or tiles.

Budget-Friendly Terrazzo Home Accents

1. Terrazzo Round Trivet

2. Terrazzo Bathroom Tray

3. Marble + Terazzo Salt Cellars

4. Jonathan Adler Terrazzo Droplet Vase

5. Terrazzo Print Napkins

6. Terrazzo Texture Floor Pillow

7. Terrazzo 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

8. Terrazzo Place Card Holders

9. Terrazzo Oversized Lumbar Throw Pillow

10. Melamine Terrazzo Tray

11. Mareike Boehmer Terrazzo Framed Graphic Art

12. Terrazzo Texture Throw Pillow

Do you have a favorite from the list? Of course, I’m pretty partial to the pieces that are true versions of terrazzo, just on a smaller scale—things like the salt cellars, bathroom tray, and card holders. But I still love that those softer, decorative accessories (think: the pillows, napkinsthis art print) get the point across by showing off the cool random pattern that’s so recognizable in the real deal solid material. Leave your vote for top pick in the comments below!

Budget-Friendly Terrazzo Home Accents

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