Weekend Inspiration: No.86

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Who else is feeling a little bogged down by cabin fever? John and I have been playing musical cars for the last few weeks because, first, mine had brake trouble and was in the shop for a long time, and then John sold his truck and has been on the hunt for a new one. We’ve had to share one car for days on end, which means that I’ve been stuck at home a lot of the time while he’s out and about for work and fishing trips.

Being cooped up has made me fiercely crave outdoor time, so I’m thinking about stealing back my car to do some window shopping and maybe take a walk somewhere. I could stand to get a hearty dose of that fresh winter air. Who’s with me?! Anyway, keep scrolling to find out what’s inspiring me ahead of the weekend, and if you’ve got a cool link, article, event, or video of your own to share, do tell in the comments.

Weekend Inspiration: No.86

1. Have I mentioned Hidden Potential on here yet? If not, it’s a new-to-me HGTV home renovation show that I discovered on Hulu, and I love it. If I have already mentioned it, consider this further proof of my “Two Thumbs Up” review. Definitely go check it out!

2. Laura Melhuish-Sprague just published the renovation video of her dining room transformation, and I’m blown away. The before/after is absolutely mind-boggling…

3. We’ve been on an organization and space-saving kick lately, so John and I swapped our DVD collection out of their bulky cases and put them into these flat sleeves. The project took hardly any time at all, but saved tons and tons of room on the shelves in our basement.

4. Unique Loom reached out the other day to offer me the chance to try out one of their rugs to help inspire some of you in your own hunt for the perfect floor covering. Here’s the one I chose that I thought you guys would love! Any guesses where I’m planning to style it? Leave your room guesses in the comments below.

5. Did you see the sneak peek I shared of our guest room makeover? I finally pulled the trigger on the dark feature wall that I’ve been teasing about for weeks. The full reveal should be up soon!

6. Cass’s new velvet chair makeover is done, and I’m absolutely in love. Can you believe she did all of the reupholstery herself?!

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