Tips + Tricks For Valentine’s Day Floral Arranging

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I’m kicking off Valentine’s Day with an extra fun collaboration centered on one of my favorite things: flowers! When you combine gorgeous images by Megan Vaughan Photography and floral arranging by Elisha Dudley, of Petal Flower Company, you’re sure to walk away with tons of inspiration. To celebrate in a big, big way, we’re splitting this series into two parts. Head over to Glitter Guide for expert V-Day floral arranging tips straight from Elisha—but before you do, scroll down right here on DGD to snag her bonus advice! Take it away Elisha…

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I always tell guys to buy tulips! They’re springy and a happy flower, plus they come in all the fun colors (red, pink, purple, fuchsia, white) and they are truly DIY. You can save a lot of money just by going to a grocery store and picking up three bunches of tulips for around $10 or less a bunch. You could pay $100+ for a dozen roses in an arrangement from a florist on Valentine’s day.

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^^^Snag this game changing tip over on Glitter Guide!^^^

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Remove all leaves below the water line. Leaves should never be submerged in water and any petals that fall in should be removed. Clean container + clean water = longer lasting flower arrangement.

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If you’re short on time or want to ease into flower arranging, grab multiple bunches of the same flower. Four bunches of all pink tulips would make a beautiful Valentine’s day arrangement that can be done in five minutes. Cut them all the same length and toss them in a taller vase. No foam or greens needed!

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See the rest of Megan’s beautiful photos and read more tips from Elisha over on Glitter Guide!

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