DIY Painted Children’s Blocks

DIY Painted Children's Blocks | Dream Green DIY

I may not have kids, but I sure appreciate children’s decor and design! There’s just something about that unabashedly whimsical world full of color, patterns and playful silhouettes. So, truth be told, I never shy away from the idea of putting together DIY projects based on a little one’s taste and aesthetic.

Take my latest project for eHow as an example. These two-toned, metallic DIY painted children’s blocks are something that I’ve been aching to put together, if for no other reason than “just for fun.” Aren’t they cute? Learn how to make your own (you know…if you actually have kids and, thus, a proper excuse to make them) right over here on eHow.

DIY Painted Children's Blocks | Dream Green DIY

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