How To Make A DIY Industrial Wire Basket

How To Make A DIY Industrial Wire Basket | Dream Green DIY

I’m just a tad picky when it comes to my storage baskets. I remember one time when I needed them in a rush for a project and impulsively purchased an entire shelf’s worth of red fabric baskets from Wal-Mart, only to donate them three months later because they were never quite right from the beginning. So, I learned my lesson and instead take my time and stock up on storage baskets that I know I’ll love for years to come rather than just a few short months.

My latest project for eHow hits the nail on the head. I love the distinctly modern tone of my DIY Industrial Wire Basket, and especially love the fact that I can see everything inside of it with a quick glance through the chicken wire. Want to try making your own? Click through to eHow here for the how-to process!

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