Welcome Home, New Couch!

You know that feeling you get when you’ve done a certain something to a room that makes you just GIDDY to walk into it? Yeah. That’s us right now…

The new couch is here and looking SNAZYYY!!! I would like to apologize in advance for the plethora of pictures that are about to fill your computer screen. Just pretend I’m a proud new mama and each time I show you another photo of my “baby” (which is essentially EXACTLY like the last one), you’ll just smile and say “awwww” 🙂

For the “Before” pictures, I’m going to take you WAYYYYY back to what the living room looked like in March, with all sorts of colors going on and mismatched furniture – It wasn’t a BAD look, but it’s definitely evolved into something easier on the eyes:

This was before our thrifted mid-century TV stand, our cornice board, oak shelves, the new pillows (which were the inspiration for all the other changes to the room), and a few other little things. I actually don’t hate what’s going on in the photo, but it DOES look a little college dorm-y…

Here’s a more recent “Before” shot of the room with all of the new (well, new to us) touches that we’ve added and some that we’ve built by hand along the way:

And without further adieu…Here’s what it looks like today with the new couch as the crowning feature!

As you can see, we also snagged a couple of 70’s office chairs (for just $12 apiece!) and added those to the side for extra seating.

They are surprisingly comfortable and give off that certain “vibe” we are looking for. Although, I just noticed after seeing them in the photo that they do look a little skinny and “office waiting room” (isn’t it funny what you can read in a photo that you don’t notice in person?) – But that’s easily fixed with a couple of added throw pillows or a drape-y blanket tossed over an arm I think 🙂

Our mid-century side table is also getting more of the limelight with it turned so that the drawer is accessible and you can actually see it…This is what it looked like before, sandwiched between the sofas:

But now it’s free to show off its legs and hardware beside the new twin chairs:

As you can see, the couch made the entire room and all the individual pieces come together. We love the simple, straight lines and think it makes everything feel a bit more sophisticated.

But what about Uncle Bob (i.e. the old couch)? Don’t you worry one bit! He’s found a new home in the finished basement along with the white loveseat. We actually ended up spending just as much time on that room as we did the living room this past weekend and we can’t wait to show you the results.

The basement is now a VERY cozy and warm den with tons of soft seating. The old couches look SO much better down there for some reason and have created a little oasis to get away from it all. I’m pretty sure I’ll never see John again because he’s loving his new space downstairs! We’ll try to post about that room sometime later this week.

But here’s one last photo of the new “baby” 🙂

What do you guys think?? Have you made any big purchases lately that change the entire feel of a room?

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