“Thrift Store SCORE(s)!” of the Week {5/26/11}

We’ve got TWO treasures for you today! For those who checked out our big new-couch-reveal on Tuesday, you may have noticed these two newly-thrifted pieces. Although both made it into a couple of the photos, I purposely avoided gushing about them because I wanted to use them in this week’s “SCORE!”. I am finally going to let you all know just how much I ADORE these two small-but-rad thrifted pieces.

The first is a brass magazine holder that we placed next to the brand new sofa. It’s perfect for wrangling in our growing collection of car/motorcycle mags, furniture and accessory catalogs and various DIY home reno/redecoration monthlies.

I love the quirky ridges every few inches, almost like faux bamboo shoots, along the curvy-but-straight lines – It’s one of those fun conversation pieces that I think really speaks to the mid-century modern era that we loooooove. There were actually two of them at the store, so I may go back and snag the other for a different room in the house…

The piece was listed for $20 but I know I got it for a discounted price. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly know what it was…The sweet lady there tends to look at my pile of soon-to-be purchases on the counter and tosses out a number like “How’s $18 for everything?” to which I nod excitedly and repeat “Thank you!” over and over. It was probably somewhere around $13 (I ended up getting this mag rack, the two pieces I’m about to show you, the pair of new(-to-us) office chairs and a hardcover book on Williamsburg for my mom for a little over $40 – a STEAL!)

Anyways, I love it. I feel like it’s something that Emily Henderson would have picked up and that excites me to no end (more on her again this Monday).

But now on to our “Thrift Store SCORE!” #2: Marble horse head book ends!

I actually spotted these the last time I was at the thrift store, but I guess I needed a couple of weeks to mull it over in my head…I just couldn’t pass the pair up a second time around. They are surprisingly heavy (well I guess not that “surprising” since I already told you they are carved marble) and can easily hold their own against a few books standing on the new side table.

I kind of like the far-away shot below too (which was shown in Tuesday’s reveal) because you can really see the lines of the profile and also the variation in tone – As you probably noticed from the close ups above, there are all sorts of orange and caramel-colored lines and spots in the stone.

And at $3 for the set, there was no way I could leave these two quirky pieces behind a second time!

I think “conversation pieces” are my new obsession – Items that are random but speak to a certain era and make people want to take a closer look. I don’t want any of the rooms in our house to be walked through – I don’t know about John, but my goal is to buy things that add a little “Oomph!” and get people talking. The best thing about thrifted pieces is the story that goes along with them, so I hope that guests will feel drawn to ask!

Happy thrifting 🙂

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