What Ever Happened to Uncle Bob???

For those of you who jumped on the band wagon with our old couch, affectionately named “Uncle Bob”, and wonder where he went – Have no fear 🙂 He’s now living it up in the finished basement along with the white pull-out sofa (she doesn’t have a name yet…Anyone wanna take a crack at coming up with something?).

When Uncle Bob was lord of the living room, he seemed a little out of place…An open living room with a window letting streams of light flood in needed something sleeker and smaller – Something that wouldn’t block that amazing light and would let your eye take the room in visually without interruption. I know John probably disagrees with me on this one (we can’t see eye-to-eye on EVERYTHING of course…), but that couch wasn’t the “airy” type.

However, “airy” is definitely the word to describe our new couch. While Uncle Bob’s bulk sort of sucked all of the attention (not to mention literally blocked much of the window), the new couch is more subtle.

I’ll be honest with you (if you haven’t already guessed), I wasn’t a big fan of the old couch. But now I’m eating my words…

I truly can’t explain it, but it actually looks much better in the basement! It’s like he’s this whole new uncle! Someone who is warm and friendly – Someone whose knee you actually want to sit on and listen to him tell stories.

Okay, enough with the creepy family member analogies – You can make your own opinion, but I’m MUCH more inclusive of Uncle Bob now! Or should I say Uncle Robert?? (No offense to anyone with an actual Uncle Bob…)

We brought in the oriental rug and wooden coffee table that I had at my apartment, and also put up the framed records again:

You may remember that they used to be in the original living room set up:

Oh, and here’s an older photo so you can see what the basement looked like before we brought Uncle Bob down:

Before, it was a general catch-all for fixtures, lamps and furniture that got kicked out of the upstairs as we started to collect new pieces – No place to sit and enjoy the TV or to hang out.

It’s much more home-y now 🙂

Here’s my second big honest moment of the day: I might actually by more excited about the basement den then I am our new living room!!! As you saw in the “Before” shot of the basement, it was more a pass-through then a nice place to live in and linger. But NOW, it exudes comfort and seclusion and offers us such a nice place to get away from it all.

You may have noticed that the photos of the finished room are pretty dark and moody – That was on purpose. There aren’t any windows down there, so there’s not much light. But the soft glow from the floor lamp is all you really need! I am a long-time sufferer of MONSTROUS headaches and a migraine or two each month – This dark, quiet room is definitely going to be my hideaway for those days that the light from my cell phone is too much.

Our new “den” is great for curling up and watching an old movie or episode of “Mad Men” – It’s also a great place for John to relax with his guy friends while I stay upstairs with my lady friends, or vice versa. I’m SO thankful that we have this new comfy place to live and enjoy the house and each other.

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