Pinspiration Monday: Laundry Room Artwork (continued…)

So here’s where I left off with this project…In complete disaster:

I attempted to use copy paper cut outs to mask off the shape of clothespins, but my stencils were a bit too flimsy to keep the paint from slipping under the edges. Noooo good.

So I decided to start from scratch. I ended up just spray painting all of the canvases to a nice even solid color – Luckily, I had a fairly good array of colors to choose from in our existing spray paint can collection. We finished up with a yellow one, a blue one and two different shades of green:

The next step was to print and cut out two more clothespin stencils – I printed them onto the same cheap-o copier paper as before since all they had to do was help me trace the shape this time, not mask paint. After a few quick swipes with my pen, I was ready to start painting!

I picked out a medium-sized paint brush and painted three coats of white paint inside the lines I had traced out. It actually took four coats to cover up the pen marks on the yellow canvas…It’s sort of difficult to get good contrast between white and yellow paint colors. But I eventually got it to where I was satisfied. These pieces are DEFINITELY not works of art, and I wasn’t intending to make them look perfect. They’re just meant to be a cute way to punch up the walls in the laundry room so that it’s not so “blah” in there…

The great thing about acrylic paint is that it dries VERY quickly, so there was no need to wait around for a couple of hours before I got to hang them up.

Here’s the wall all sad and boring before:

And here it is with new art!

Doesn’t really serve much purpose and the canvases could really stand to have some frames, but they make me smile a little 🙂 At least they don’t look as bad as the first try!!! I might replace them down the line with something more permanent (maybe a couple of framed vintage laundry detergent ads?) – We’ll see! It’s way better then it was, that’s for sure…Here’s a quick “Before” and “After” to reiterate that:

And “After”:

Helloooooo color and character…

Hope you have a good Monday!

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