Pinspiration Monday: Bathroom Storage

As with all of my Pinspiration Monday posts, I started by grabbing a screen shot (specifically using Jing – SUCH a neat program btw) of the pin I used as inspiration. So over I went to Pinterest, where I was immediately distracted by all the AMAZING things people are pinning these days! Everything from outfits to recipes to DIY holiday projects – I probably just repined close to ten things…Got a little carried away. But “Carrie” IS my name after all!!!

Okay, sorry…That was lame even for a Monday. So anyways, after wasting a sufficient amount of time on other people’s boards, I eventually made my way over to my own and grabbed the image that I used for today’s Pinterest-inspired project:

This project was care of Hollie over on (as a quick interjection, I am going to try making it a point to name the source for my Pinterest-inspired projects. I’ve been noticing some rumblings of unrest in the blogging world of DIYers getting their projects pinned with no credit. I definitely don’t want to fuel that fire…Let me know if I forget to post sources in the future!!). So anyways, yes, this genius idea was originally thought up by Hollie and I knew I just had to try it out!

All I needed to get this show on the road was a wicker basket – I bought mine from Michael’s for 40% off! I think it came to about $6. If you’ll notice in the pin above, the best baskets to use are the ones with straight “walls”, not the slanty kind because then your towels would roll right out.

The plan was to just screw right through the wicker and hope to goodness that it would hold…This is me getting it level up on the wall:

Next step – Tap two nails through the wicker material into the wall to hold it in place until I could get the screws. The nails also started the hole for the screws so that I didn’t need to worry with a drill or anything. A few manual twists with the screwdriver and amazingly, we were in business! SERIOUSLY, it was that easy.

I wish I could have found a longer basket, but I was kind of limited in my selection of non-slanty baskets…I contemplated getting two of them, but decided against it because for whatever reason I don’t like the idea of a basket centered under each of the two silhouettes. I like the asymmetry of the single centered one better. Call me quirky if you must…

After grabbing some colorful hand towels from our linen closet in the studio and rolling them up like my Pinspiration photo, I was all finished! May just be one of the easiest DIY projects I’ve ever taken on!

Hope you have a good Monday 🙂

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