Laundry Room: FINAL Cycle

This project has been a bit of a progressive one…But we are now finally finished! If you’ve been following along, so far we’ve organized the heck out of the space with new storage boxes, added a DIYed curtain with all sorts of button cuteness and created some custom art for the walls.

For the last couple of finishing touches, I tackled one last organization project and labeled our brand new storage boxes for easy grabbing.

First the organization project…

So most everyone has a plastic bag stash – We use recyclable bags as often as possible at the grocery store, but sometimes our purchases don’t all fit, thus we get plastic. Up until this point, we were keeping these in, guess what, A PLASTIC BAG! But said bag was getting a little bloated with its relatives.

So John and I made a quick Bed, Bath & Beyond run where, for a mere $10, we came away with this amazing invention: The metal plastic bag holder/dispenser!

Luckily, it was a snap to install – Just a couple of quick turns of my screw driver and we were in action.

See? Looks better already!

Time to fill ‘er up. I decided to count the dispenser’s bag capacity and it actually gulped down 32 bags!!! Pretty impressive. And it was very easy to do, just stick the bag down into the hole in the top of the dispenser and then grab from the long thin hole in the front.

I thought the photo demonstrating this on the box was too funny not to share…

I also went ahead and hung our two Swiffers by some extra 3M hooks I had lying around. No more toppled mop handles to contend with! Is it sad that I am incredibly pleased and satisfied with our newly organized and practical laundry room wall? I guess if you’re reading our blog, you are just as anal about cleanliness and organization as I am – So maybe you get joy from this too 🙂

So for the second and last laundry room update, I just had to show off the new labels for the red storage boxes we bought to clear up the chaos that was the shelving unit.

Bet you won’t meet too many people with a stash of tools AND hardware in their laundry room…Those are the two most-used boxes in that entire closet though – Hands down.

We also have some pretty standard ones, like towels and pet stuff, etc.

Here is the FINAL final photo of our laundry room redo!

We’ve sure come a long way from the blank white space we started out with. Feels more like a room now then just a closet…

I’m never exactly “finished” with a room per se, but for now I’m loving the coziness and practicality of it. It’ll be interesting to see how it shifts and changes in the coming year. Maybe some paint for the walls?? Now THAT’LL be a project…And not necessarily a fun one…

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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