Pumpkin pondering!

Lookie what weeeee bouggghhhhttt….

I know, we are a smidge late in purchasing our holiday pumpkins…But better late than never! It was really Martha Stewart who tipped the scale for me. Did anyone else watch her quick segment on the Today Show the other day? She offered tons of fun, simple ways to dress up your jack-o-lantern this year. My personal favorite was the Christmas lights option – Instead of having to conspicuously remove the “top hat” of your pumpkin, she suggested cutting out a section on the underside and setting your hollowed pumpkin on top of a jar wrapped in lit Christmas lights. So cute! And also safer than candles…

Now I’m trying to decide what we should do with our little pair of ghords…Do I copy one of Martha’s always-genious tricks? Or traverse the world of Pinterest to get inspiration? Speaking of, check out all of the neat ideas people are pinning:

We’ve got monogrammed pumpkins…


Pumpkins covered in shiny, metallic gold push pins…


Pretty painted pumpkins…


The always-trendy CHEVRON pumpkin…(looks pretty cool when lit!)


A cannibalistic pumpkin…


And some vampire pumpkins to finish off the set!


Who knows what we’ll end up trying…But I’m sure that, once we do, we’ll let you know right back here on the blog 🙂

As for Halloween plans, I think John and I are going to have our friends over to the house for a little fete the Friday before Halloween Monday. On Monday, we think we’ll have some trick-or-treaters from our neighborhood, which will be nice! Time to give back after our childhoods full of candy-filled pillowcases. I can’t speak for John, but I know when I came home from trick-or-treating when I was a kid, I’d dump my loot on the floor and categorize. Couldn’t for the life of me tell you what I used as criteria, but I would GUESS that it was by type, size and color…Yeah…I was THAT kid.

So your turn!!

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