New Use: Cafe Rod to Magazine Holder

So. We’ve finally made it to our last installment of “Let’s watch Carrie reveal her bathroom redo project in painstakingly slow detail!” (see the first part here, and the second here). At least I’m saving the best for last! While it might not be the most monumental of projects, this is one of my most exciting “AHA!” moments to date.

It all started with two little curtain rods…You know – the kind used for thin cafe curtains? The two oil rubbed bronze beauties I ended up with came from Wal Mart and cost less than $10 each – Can’t get much better than that.

My idea was to use them, not for curtains, but as a designated area to hold John’s magazine collection. To get the project started, I simply held the first rod up on the wall (with magazine looped over the bar) to eyeball the height and John pre-drilled and screwed the hardware into the drywall one at a time.

Eight screws later, we were done! As you can see below, the two rods ended up being the perfect width for two magazines, although you can easily customize the length if you get rods that are expandable. For example, we probably could have stretched the two rods out enough to hold three magazines each.

I think John really likes being able to see his prized Men’s Health and Road & Track subscriptions (plus the odd fishing magazine) displayed proudly. And I like that they aren’t piled up halfhazardly on the bathroom vanity.

Of course, this could easily work ANYWHERE in your home – In a living room beside the couch or a favorite easy chair, or in the kitchen. It would be adorable in a kid’s room for light paperback books too. As I always like to say, make it your own!

So what “new uses for old things” have YOU guys come up with (or found online) lately??

Have a great weekend!

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